We were fortunate enough to have over 200 guests at our latest meetup, held at BlackRock in London on 27th November. Including some excellent speakers; Sylvain Champonnois from BlackRock and Neil Curham & Sam Browning from Alpha FMC, all experts in the data science field.

So, the question we were all there to hear answered - How is data science changing asset management?

In terms of the financial sector, data science is crucial to asset management, economics, and analysing financial risks for their clients. One example given on the evening is how Broker reports can be analysed. Broker reports can contain a lot of information such as legal disclosures, and lots of ‘noise’ around the data included in the report which is difficult to decipher using traditional methods alone.

New waves of data that all businesses are needing to recognise, is the influx of data coming from the internet. Google trends can show us what people are regularly searching for, where and when. Social media can present new types of data in the form of hashtags, emojis and ‘likes’, which leads to the question how can we analyse these different types of data? Modern data analysis and techniques are being developed to solve this.

We had some really engaging questions in how data science and machine learning can help companies, with regards to managing sales and marketing strategies, to understanding clients and competitors.

Look out for our next meetup event coming soon! If you would like to know more about ASI or our meetups please contact rebecca.w@theasi.co or head to http://www.meetup.com/data-science-lab/