Data Science has burst on the scene as a new employment area where demand for candidates outstrips supply. It is also a field that values PhD candidates – particularly from quantitative subjects. If you're wondering whether the academic path is right for you, but cannot imagine wasting the technical skills you've developed in academia, you might want to consider a career in Data Science, 'the sexiest job of the 21st century' according to Harvard Business School.

Data science is the set of skills and techniques necessary to find, store, process and draw insights from the vast quantities of data now available.

In your PhD, you received amazing training in 90% of the skills required to be a data scientist - things like collecting and interpreting data, testing hypotheses and communicating results. All that's needed is for you to excel in an exciting new career is to acquire the remaining 10% - the industry specific skills. This is where the ASI can help.

The ASI offers an 8-week full-time Fellowship, developed in collaboration with industry, specifically aimed at helping PhD ​graduates​ and Postdocs in science, maths and engineering transition to a career in data science​ and data engineering​. Thanks to generous support, we are able to provide the course free of charge for accepted Fellows.

​This is our 7th Fellowship. Since starting in 2014, we have helped 100+ Fellows transitioned to industry working in data science. ​​ASI Fellowship VII starts on 16th January 2017. Applications are open until 31st October 2016 and Fellows are accepted on a rolling basis. Apply here.

We will be hosting a series of events on careers in data science, and answering any questions about the ASI Fellowship.

  • Cambridge, 2-4pm, 30th September, Mill Lane Lecture Rooms
  • Imperial College London, 13th October, Sign up here
  • UCL, 19th October, Sign up here

We will also be hosting a webinar on October 12th.