ASI Data Science is working with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Nesta on a pilot project to pave the way to create a permanent London Office of Data Analytics (LODA). The model is inspired by the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA) in New York City, founded under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and adapted for a UK context.

In its mature form, the London Office of Data Analytics (LODA) would be a small team based in City Hall with the resources, technology and expertise necessary to conduct data science in the public sector. The team would bring together data from all local authority and public sector organisations across the capital and translate and analyse this data to provide actionable insights. Those insights would then be made available to improve data-driven decision-making by all 32 boroughs, the City of London, and London’s public sector bodies - the GLA and the Mayor.

A subset of LODA’s data would also be made available to the general public as open data via the London DataStore. In addition to an analytics team, LODA would feature a technical team (to manage the federated approach to data sharing between multiple bodies) and a legal team (to provide hands-on assistance in making data sharing arrangements possible).

The rationale for creating LODA was outlined in Nesta’s open letter to the Mayor of London.

We at ASI Data Science are proud and excited to have been selected as a partner in this pilot project. As a data science organisation, we are deeply committed to enabling data-driven decision-making. As Londoners, we are excited to be part of this pioneering public sector initiative to support London’s role as a leader in data innovation in Europe.